Sam Yakulis(non-registered)
As a former executive at a large defense company, I had the opportunity to work with Fernando many times. He was always my photographer of choice to cover large company conferences and events. His experience in finding the perfect shot, whether it being a speaker on stage, candids during workshops, or group pictures was always spot-on. I wouldn’t hesitate in using Fernando in the future. His professionalism on-site and work products are second to none.
Nick Fesperman(non-registered)
As the head of the planning team that handles multiple high profile events/forums I have had many opportunities to work with Fernando. The partnership with Fernando started approximately 5 years ago and has grown with each event. His ability to work with the customer and bring the vision to life is evident in the work displayed on his website. He has personally helped my planning team to be better at what they do by helping us to better understand the customer and their needs. From managing large groups from start to finish including group photos/Slide Show Creation real-time/Capturing Speakers to private Executive Photo Shoots Fernando's professionalism and ability to adapt to any situation always shines through. I know when he is working with one of our groups that he is representing the same ideals and culture we look for in ourselves and for that I am very thankful. I look forward to Fernando working with my team on many future events.
Kady Paradise(non-registered)
Fernando and I started to work together about a year ago. Over that year, he has conducted two huge projects for our company, Infinite Technologies Orthotics and Prosthetics. I was beyond impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail, experience and dedication to our projects. He has been extremely easy and fun to work with. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with him as our company continues to grow. We have used his photography for office decoration, marketing materials, website and advertisement. If you are looking for someone who gives 110%, Fernando is the right person for the job!
Sam Brown(non-registered)
I met Fernando a little over 3 years ago. He explained that he had seen my work and thought I could help him broaden his skills. This act was an indication of his dedication to the profession of photography. His high ethical standards, and creativity is an inspiration to me.
We work together regularly—assisting each other on large projects. Fernando is detail oriented and carefully prepares for each assignment and is fanatical about customer service.

I have carefully built my photography business for over 25 years. Some of my clients have been with me from the beginning. I trust Fernando to take care of my oldest and most valued clients. When overbooked, I can focus on my shoot because Fernando will produce images that I am proud to deliver.

Fernando is a professional in the true sense of the word.
Gil D.(non-registered)
Though I’ve only known Fernando since 2005, the impression he has made is so strong and positive that it seems we’ve worked together for much longer. For the past number of years, Fernando has supported Lockheed Martin's Network of Volunteer Associates (NOVA) community service organization in a leadership capacity, serving a group of 800+ individuals across the Washington Metropolitan Area. Fernando's leadership and photography has been absolutely stellar, enabling this organization with a 15+ year history to capture thousands of memorable moments of Lockheed Martin employees (from executives to individual contributors) giving back to the community.

In a large organization full of high potential, truly committed and philanthropic-minded employees, Fernando has stood out and stood out in a very positive way. Year after year, he has supported events such as National Engineers Week at a number of Fairfax County schools, producing quality imagery that has helped “tell the story” in an elegant and meaningful fashion. Fernando has a unique blend of commitment, character and charisma that is extremely rare, and we have been truly grateful to have his unwavering support to the NOVA organization. I’m confident based on my experience with Fernando that he will continue to be extremely successful wherever he focuses his energy.
Daniel Rude(non-registered)
Fernando is a skilled photographer and a natural leader. After having worked with Fernando in facilitating the Lockheed Martin Creative Media Summit(s), I can vouch for both his photographic capabilities and his professionalism.

For anyone seeking quality photoraphy support, Fernando is the right pick.
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