Fernando Hernandez was born in Lima, Peru, and made Northern Virginia his home in the mid 1970’s. As the son of a diplomatic servant, Fernando was very fortunate to have been raised in Spain, Haiti and Guatemala, which provided him with broad international experience and foundation.

Fernando has worked for a number of prestigious defense contractors since the 1980’s, in the fields of photography, video, multimedia, graphics design, and drafting. Before launching Fernando Hernandez Photography, LLC, Fernando enjoyed an 11 year career with Lockheed Martin Corporation, serving as a valued staff photographer, AV and multimedia design engineer, supporting internal clients, DOD and the U.S. Intelligence Community. For the last 6 years of his career with Lockheed, he worked full time as a staff photographer traveling with executives, covering conferences and media events, and shooting executive portraits and product photos.

Fernando is best known for capturing the absolute best of his subjects by delivering images that are powerful and communicate a message, meticulous planning of photo shoots, building effective and long lasting relationships, and impeccable customer service.


"Deliberate Imagery™" is a process of engineering specific internal and external messaging through targeted photography and video used for specific marketing and communication purposes. This is photography and video generated with the purpose of affording clients the ability to capture, and capitalize on, the energy present during live events, networking sessions, meetings and portrait photo shoots.   Photographs that inspire and motivate don't just happen. It take’s meticulous planning, solid coordination, and a professional who understands the core messaging you wish to communicate. Fernando Hernandez has been making that happen for decades.